Fit & Proper test for taxi and private hire drivers in Scotland

In order to be granted a taxi or private hire driver’s
licence in Scotland, you must be a fit and proper person.  There is no statutory definition of “fit and
proper” however, licensing authorities in Scotland use a series of assessments
to determine is a taxi or private hire driver in Scotland is fit and proper.

Different standards and assessments will apply to different Scottish
Councils but the most common assessments an applicant for a Scottish taxi or
private hire driver’s licence can expect are:

Medical Fitness

You will be expected to comply with the “Group 2” medical standards.  This is the national standard the DVLA
applies to the licensing of lorry and bus drivers in Scotland (and the rest of
the UK). 

The Scottish Government is of the opinion that age should
not be a relevant factor “provided that regular medical checks are made” and
each case is determined on its individual merits.

Criminal Records

Your application will be submitted for review by Police
Scotland.  They will check their records
to determine if you have a criminal record and it that record is relevant to your
application.  Police Scotland can object
to the grant of your licence.

It is worth remembering that just because you have a
criminal record it does not mean you are automatically disqualified from applying
and holding a licence. [Read why]

Driving competency

You must have held a full driving licence for a minimum
period of 12 months prior to your application.
This is a statutory requirement.
There are no strict rules on whether additional driving assessments are
required.  Some licensing authorities in
Scotland are satisfied with a normal driving licence s evidence of driving proficiency
whilst others may require a higher and more stringent driving assessment.

Immigration Status

All applicants for a taxi or private hire driving licence in
Scotland must have a legal right to work and reside in the UK.  This is a statutory requirement.  The Scottish licensing authority where you
apply for a licence will request original documents as to your immigration



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