Getting help with taxi & private hire licensing appeals

We understand the distress that can be caused when you face
losing your taxi and private hire licence. 

Many taxi licence holders facing a taxi licence revocation
often underestimate the complexity involved in defending their taxi licences before
Licensing Panels in Scotland.  Licensing
Board hearings in Scotland are conducted very similar to the way a formal court
does and as such certain protocols and procedures are to be followed to ensure
a positive outcome in your taxi licensing hearing.

We stand out ahead of many law firms offering legal services
to taxi drivers because we specialise and have a real, in depth understanding
of our client’s business. Our service is extremely cost-effective, a real
benefit in today’s legal marketplace. We are always up-front and transparent
with our pricing and our clients are informed of the cost of pursuing their
case before making any decision to go head.

If you are facing losing your licence or are appealing a
taxi licence revocation contact us today – expert taxi revoke appeal licensing
lawyers in Scotland.

If you instruct us to represent you, we will take care of all matters relating to your appeal:

  • Full case management
  • Representation at every stage
  • Case planning and strategy
  • Dealing with all correspondence
  • Application for costs (where applicable)

Excellent customer care is at the heart of what we do. We will keep you up to date with the progress of your case at every stage and be there when you need to speak to us.  Our service also takes into account the human aspect of taxi and private hire licensing appeals.  We understand the concern and stress losing a licence may cause and as such we will deal with your case with care and sensitivity.

What we do

Our taxi licensing revoke appeal lawyers can advise and represent you in all cases of taxi licensing refusal, revocation and suspension cases involving:

  • Taxi & Private Hire driver licences
  • Taxi & Private Hire car licences
  • Booking Office licences

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Instruct an expert taxi defence lawyer to deal with your appeal